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Get Involved

Volunteering drives student success, happiness and community greatness. Together, we will drive educational growth at Terra Nova High School and in Pacifica. TNEF initiatives and programs are designed to improve student performance and advance quality educational. Mobilize with us and our community to support and impact public education.

Ways To Get Involved

  • Give - Donate today!

  • Grants - Canvas organizations you are associated with for support

  • Organize and Plan Events - Join us @ 7pm the 2nd Thursday of each month in the school library to help organize

  • Volunteer - Volunteer at one of our events

  • Communicate - Follow us in Facebook and Instagram, then help spread the word!

Volunteering feels good, improves your community and directly changes the lives of Terra Nova Students.

Make A Difference

Life-changing opportunities are made possible with community support – that’s you! You can help create the educational opportunities that all Terra Nova High School students deserve! Show your support for our students and teachers with a gift to the Terra Nova Education Foundation today. Because when you invest in a child’s educational experience, you help create a better future for everyone and your community!

Funds raised by the Foundation are used for special projects and programs beyond the scope of the normal school budget. Donations and gifts made by individuals and corporations are eligible for the maximum deduction allowed by applicable tax laws. Join us to unlock the academic excellence in every Terra Nova High School Student.

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