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Kaplan SAT Prep - Sign Up by March 8!

After a two year hiatus, TNEF is bringing discounted Kaplan courses back!

Sign up for Kaplan remote SAT test prep through this page by March 8 and pay by March 9 for a big discount! Kaplan's regular price for this course is $600 and TNEF is pleased to offer a negotiated rate of $310. Sign up below for an online class leading up to the June 4th SAT test date.

You will receive:

  • 18 hours of live online instruction plus two proctored practice tests

  • 16 hrs of elective on-demand instruction

  • 8 practice tests, including 4 College Board official practice tests

  • Updated online quizzes and Quiz Bank

  • Prep books for the SAT



​Step 1: Sign up for an SAT date + location

Student and guardian should have a test date in mind and confirm availability

​Step 2: Identify a Kaplan class

Go to the Kaplan site here and find classes, class times, teacher info. We are working with Kaplan for discounted classes between May 26 - June 2 leading up to the June 4 SAT test date. If there is interest, we may repeat this program for future classes. If there is a lot of interest, we could sign up for some summer classes.

Step 3: Sign up here by March 8

Do not sign up at Kaplan...sign up below to get the discounted rate. TNEF will pass this on to Kaplan.

Step 4: Pay by March 9

TNEF will send you an invoice from our PayPal account. Please pay by March 9. We intend to send a spreadsheet of students to Kaplan March 10-ish.



  • The Kaplan site has lots of classes...can I sign up for summer / fall classes? TNEF is coordinating spring classes; We may do something similar in the future if there is demand for SAT prep

  • What if I can't find an SAT test location near me for June 4? If there is great interest, we could sign up for some Kaplan classes leading to a summer test date

  • Can I sign up for classes leading to a May test? Kaplan has requested the roster from TNEF 2 weeks before the class starts...we are a bit late for the May test

  • Is the SAT test still relevant? Many colleges no longer require the SAT test, some do; Studying is a lot of work, so do some research on schools of interest before signing up for a prep course

  • Will classes be in person? No, entirely online

  • Can I enroll at the Kaplan website? Sure, but you won't get the TNEF discount

  • What if I fill out the form below but don't pay the invoice sent via TNEF's PayPal account? You need to sign up AND pay by March 9; We intend to send a spreadsheet of students to Kaplan March 10-ish

    Can I cancel after signing up? You can cancel up to March 9 which is when TNEF is paying Kaplan

  • Can I change classes? There is some flexibility to change classes with adequate notice several days before a class has begun; Kaplan does not want you to change classes after a class has begun

  • Where can I find info on the class times and teachers? Visit the Kaplan page here


Need based scholarship: The Terra Nova Education Foundation will underwrite several discounted spots for families who meet income based criteria (reduced price of $50 for the class). Please contact Diane Spasic in the Terra Nova College and Career Center to determine eligibility: (650) 550-7600

Sign Up Here by March 8 - We Will Bill You $310
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