Kaplan SAT Prep for 60% Off at TNHS

TNEF has brought Kaplan PSAT / SAT prep to Terra Nova for a discounted rate. Kaplan's regular price for this course is $800 - 900. Pay below to sign up for our spring 2020 class.

For $375, you will receive:

  • 18 hours of in-person instruction plus two proctored practice tests

  • 2 books per student

  • Access to Kaplan's Self Paced course with up to 40 hours of additional personalized instruction

  • 10 additional practice tests and 1,000+ practice questions  The Terra Nova Education Foundation is offering this special deal for Terra Nova students.


Due to covid 19, we are on hold for 2020...

Class Location: Terra Nova High School

# of students: 1 class with up to 30 students

Registration: Pay using credit card or PayPal below to reserve a space


Need based scholarship: The Terra Nova Education Foundation will underwrite several discounted spots for families who meet income based criteria (reduced price of $50 for the class). Please contact Deane Spasic in the Terra Nova College and Career Center to determine eligibility: (650) 550-7600   dspasic@juhsd.net

Cancellation policy: Contact TNEduFoundation@gmail.com regarding cancellations

Cancel Feb 3-14: 95% credit

Cancel Feb 17-29: 80% credit

Cancel March 1-15: 50% credit

No cancelations after March 15

Pay via Credit Card or PayPal - $375 rate